The Standalones

Chapter Forty-Two

Ken Preston

10 July 2024

Silhouette of a rock band against a spotlight and the words The Standalones

The last time Danny Lamb had cried had been when Arsenal had lost to Man City and had then been relegated.

Now he felt like crying again, but for completely different reasons.

“It’s not here, Fred,” he wailed.

“What isn’t there, Danny lad?” He rubbed at his eyes and tried to stare at Danny. Unfortunately, there were two Danny Lambs in his field of vision right now, and Fred couldn’t decide which one to look at.

“The money, you idiot!” Danny yelled. “All the money has disappeared!”

Fred rubbed his eyes again. What was that Danny had just said? It seemed like he could hear Danny perfectly well, but his brain couldn’t make sense of what he was saying.

“What did you say, Danny?”

Danny Lamb lurched at his friend and grabbed him by his shirt. “I said the money’s gone! We’ve got the wrong bag!”

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