The Standalones

Chapter Nineteen

Ken Preston

16 June 2024

Silhouette of a rock band against a spotlight and the words The Standalones

“Another two pints over here, Brenda!” Danny shouted, holding his empty pint glass high and giving it a little wave, just to make sure he got the landlady’s attention.

Fred sank the last of his beer, slammed the empty pint glass on the table, and burped. “Easy as stealing candy from a kid it were, Danny. Easier, I tell you.”

Danny clapped a meaty hand on Fred’s shoulder, his massive frame jiggling with laughter. “I know, Fred, I know, you’ve done nothing but tell me about it for the last hour.”

Fred shook his head and burst into a fit of drunken giggles. “But did I tell you I had to fight my way past Elsa to get it?”

“That silly woman still got that lion, has she?” Danny scowled. “Belongs in a zoo that thing does.”

“Well, it weren’t no problem for me, mate.” Fred’s chest swelled as he said this.

Danny chuckled. “All I asked you to do were get me the rent I was owed, and instead you come back with a suitcase full of money!”

Fred waved a finger at Danny. “Now Danny, let’s get our facts straight, it weren’t a suitcase full of cash, it were a holdall.”

Both men collapsed into fits of laughter, as though this might be the funniest thing anyone had ever said.

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