The Job, Part Six: Tuesday

A serialized story in seven parts

Ken Preston

30 January 2024

A close up illustration of a grimy watchface

Only one more part of this story to go now.

I hope you have been enjoying it.

6. Tuesday

The next morning, she awoke early and had some breakfast. Without really thinking about what she was doing, she got dressed and headed into the city. The door was easy to find this morning because there was a crowd of women waiting for it to open. Susan realized she had to have been early today, and wondered if Mr. Withershaw, or Miss Evangeline, would notice and comment.

‘I told you you’d be back!’

Betsy looked very pleased with herself, triumphant even, because of her accurate prediction.

Susan had to gather her thoughts for a moment. It was true, she had returned. But the scariest of all was the fact that she hadn’t even been aware that she was coming back. As though she had walked here on autopilot.

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