The Job, Part Five: Work Colleagues

A serialized story in seven parts

Ken Preston

29 January 2024

A drill bit on a dark and grungy background.

Have you ever had a job like this one? Or a first day as confusing and dispiriting?

Part Five is here, and there might be a ray of light in Susan's first day at her new job after all.

Or maybe not.

5. Work Colleagues

When the bell sounded, it was like a drill boring through her brain. Susan flinched and bit back a scream. For a moment she thought she had fallen asleep, but she was sitting upright and the book lay open on the desk. The bell stopped its insistent, shrill shriek and Susan heard movement behind her as the other women left their cubicles. She looked at the page number on the book.

One hundred and fifty-two.

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