The Job, Part Two: The First Day

A serialized story in seven parts

Ken Preston

26 January 2024

An ullustration of women working in endless rows of cubicles.

Your second part of the story, The Job. Not the most imaginative title, is it? Appropriate, though.

I hope you are enjoying it. If you missed Part One, you can find it here.

2. The First Day

Early Monday morning and Susan woke with a start.

Had somebody knocked on her door?

A plain, white envelope lay on the mat, shoved through the gap between the door and the floor. The gap that let all the cold air in.

The envelope had her name on it in neatly printed block capitals. Inside the envelope there was a plain sheet of white paper with an address written in the same neat block capitals. And a command to report for duty at nine am.

Just like the man had told her.

Susan took the subway into Manhattan, got off at 57th Street, and walked the rest of the way to 3rd and 54th. The wind bit through her jacket and blouse, mocking her decision to not wear a coat after all. She arrived at the location marked on the letter, the print now smudged almost beyond readability, and panic fluttered in her chest as she realized she was late.

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