The Job, Part One: The Interview

A serialized story in seven parts

Ken Preston

25 January 2024

A painterly illustration style view of 42nd Street in New York city

Today I have the first part of a serialized story for you, with a new part every day.

I hope you enjoy it. Remember, if you are on a paid subscription you can log in and leave a comment. I'd love to know what you think.

1. The Interview

The job interview took place in a diner on 42nd Street. The place was squashed between a strip club, and a two-screen cinema showing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on one screen, and a Linda Lovelace double bill on the second.

Susan sat at a greasy, Formica-covered table while the man assaulted her with interview questions. In between every question, he winked at her.

‘Are you a team player?’


‘What’s your biggest strength?’


‘Do you read The New York Times?’

Wink. Wink.

‘Are you in a relationship?’


Susan tried to keep up, but as soon as she started answering one question, he was on to the next.

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