Suzie Tremors and the Barbarians of Speed

Chapter Six

Ken Preston

15 February 2024

An illustraation of an angry punk woman screaming into a microphone.

DS Parker dropped his cigarette butt into his cup and watched it sizzle in the dregs of his cold coffee.

‘Why the hell did we even have to listen to all that crap?’ Jones stood up and stretched. ‘The bastard’s got his fingerprints all over the knife, he’s got the vic’s blood all over him, and he’s admitted to gutting her. Did we really need a taped confession, too?’

Parker’s cigarette stopped sizzling.

‘Hello? Earth to Parker?’

‘I heard you.’ Parker looked up. ‘You done for the day?’

DI Jones pulled on his jacket. ‘Yeah, how about you?’

‘Not yet. I might check out this address.’

‘Are you serious? What the hell for?’ Jones rubbed a hand over his two-day stubble. ‘You don’t believe any of that shit, do you?’

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