Now For Something Silly

Chapter Four

Ken Preston

9 April 2024

Four emojis: A peach, a gorilla, an ocean wave, and a lightning bolt

This here is a little silly.

The writing exercise I set myself went like this: Choose a random string of emojis, only four or five, and then write a story based on what you have.

They don''t make much sense, but then some readers would say that about most of my work. Who knows, maybe these make more sense than normal.

You decide.

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Four emojis: A peach, a gorilla, an ocean wave, and a lightning bolt

Mike’s decision to moon at the gorilla was unfortunate. We buried him at sea, as he wished, but a lightning bolt set his boat on fire, so he had a viking funeral instead.

Five emojis: A detective, a doctor, an x-ray of a chest, a smart car.

Detective to the stars, Sasha Firestone was admitted to hospital with a storm in his chest. The doctor prescribed a smart car.

Five emojis: A glass of red wine, a winning cup, a ghost, a shopping trolley, and a cyclist.

This year’s winner of the red wine tasting competition was awarded to a ghost. Obviously this caused an uproar and everyone banned the sale of the wine in the shops. The chairman resigned and took up competitive cycling.

Six emojis: A horse, a cop, a red apple, a witch, a knife and fork, and a vulture.

I love cowboy movies but my boyfriend prefers cop thrillers. He also likes eating red apples dressed as a witch. Dinnertime can be strange. Never mind, I have Arthur, my pet vulture, to keep me company.