Moving On

Flash Fiction

Ken Preston

14th March 2024

It’s been a manic few days over here in Preston Towers. I’ve been in schools running creative writing workshops, and that has been wonderful and inspiring and completely, utterly draining. I always think the same thing after a day of school workshops: Teachers deserve medals!

And then I fell ill, and I’ve been laid up in bed for a few days. Not great, but at least I got to catch up some films I’ve been meaning to watch. If you haven’t seen Poor Things yet, watch it now!

Here is a new story for you, 50 perfect words of flash fiction.

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Moving On

He handed the photograph to Walter.

Walter took a moment.

‘Got anything you want to say, Walter?’

Walter studied the photo. That had been a lovely day.

‘You’re sick, you need help. An affair is one thing, but this?’

Walter watched him leave.

Walter had families all over the world.