Lab Rats

Flash Fiction

Ken Preston

22 March 2024

I’m still exploring my family photographs and inventing peculiar stories for them. Not only that, but I’m excavating what family history I can get hold of and exposing it to the light. On Monday evening I won the Cup of Knowledge at our local Speakers Club for my speech titled, A Date to Remember.

The speech was about my grandfather Walter, and my father Norman, and the impact their actions had on my life. I will probably be exploring and poking my family history for the rest of my life, it seems to be a subject I never tire of.

But that’s all right. I am who I am, and I have learned to accept that.

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Lab Rats

He always stopped for a photograph. The children were so adorable.

He didn’t care it was against regulations. The children were mildly sedated by that point anyway.

‘Grandmother’ took the photos.

At the day’s end they delivered the children, and never saw them again.

At least they had the photographs.