I Haven't Got Time For This Nonsense

Flash Fiction

Ken Preston

26 November 2023

I have a plastic carrier bag full of old photographs in my house. Many of them are photos taken by my father when he was in the navy. Then there are family photos from previous generations.

And then there are photographs like the one here. I have no idea who took this photo or who the woman in it is. I have puzzled over these photographs for decades. But finally I decided their importance lies in the stories that I attribute to them. I can never find out who these people are, so why not give them a story of my own making?

From that idea I have gone a step further. I am going to write about this single photograph and give it a different story every day until I run out of stories to tell. And each one will be a piece of flash fiction, exactly fifty words long.

Why fifty words? Why not?

These stories will appear daily until I’ve had enough and I give up!

I hope you enjoy them.

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