An Unreliable List

Or, as it should have been called, An Unreliable List of Stories That Might or Might not Appear on Writing in the Shadows

Ken Preston

4 February 2024

Fantasy birds in a cave with lots of books

You might think I’m in charge of what appears on this website.


Well all right, yes I am, but you wouldn’t believe how many ideas and stories there are that never make it to the publication stage. These ideas bubble up from the murky soup of my brain, and sometimes they work almost as formed, and other times they need some prodding and tweaking, and sometimes they need disassembling completely and then putting back together again, before they can be pushed apologetically into the limelight.

And sometimes, no matter how much work I put into them, they refuse to work and they are shoved in a dark corner somewhere out of sight, where they are left to rot. Except, as Stephen King once said, sometimes they come back.

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